Two American teenagers become intrigued by Armenia's history and culture after learning about the 2020 aggression by Azerbaijan that devastated the Armenian-populated Nagorno-Karabach district from a friend's war correspondent father. Mark Tomlet and his friend Amy Holton embark on a life-changing journey to Armenia, visiting the war zone only months after an uneasy ceasefire was declared, and interview people affected by the war. In the process, the two learn a lot about themselves and how much they take for granted. That first trip leads to more engagement with Armenia, leading tours to the country, and eventually, something amazing happens that brings joy out of the tragedy of war. It's a serendipitous story of hope from tragedy, a chance adventure, and love blossoming even in the worst of circumstances.

Childhood friends Mark Tomlet and Amy Holton host the film, visiting the war zone in Artsakh just months after the ceasefire and learning about the rich, painful history of the Armenian people.  The two have a fun and humorous way of interacting that draws the viewer in and makes the film much more than a stodgy history lesson.